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Getting into the (writing) shape


After suffering from Dengue fever for last several weeks I am finally trying to write something.

Now, where do I stand?

I don’t have any stable income source ( I left the job). I still have to deal with my writing and technical issues. Spare that I need to learn a lot of new things.

And yes I am finally on my entrepreneurial( freelance) journey where I am one man army. I need to write, market and manage finances. The risk of failing is lurking at every turn.But somewhere down the line, I know I can do it and I can do it better than others.

So what am I doing here without taking action? Why  am I writing on my personal blog while neglecting the issues ? Am I seeking a pat on my back?

Not actually!!!

These meaningless bunch of words are like starting all over again. I need to gain the lost writing momentum . Words have to flow from my hands if I wish to move an inch towards my goal. This post is like “the first blood”.

I can feel it. More I am writing, better I am feeling inside. Yes, my writings will not be pieces of gems from tomorrow but I am taking small steps to that goal with this post. It’s like going to the gym after a long period. It’s not very comfortable to start from scratch but its feels good .It’s like I am losing fat around my writing muscles, getting leaner.

So its completely fine if you find this dumb. To be honest, it IS dumb. But thousands of  dumb attempts will certainly give the birth of one masterpiece. 1 already completed, only 999 left.

Next time I will try to write something that makes sense . Untill then let’s be stupid and take thousands of dumb attempts towards our dreams.

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