If it is burning ….It is working

The cut was deep;blood was dripping on the floor. My mother had to leave her kitchen work and  spend 2-3 minutes to stop the blood.Then she applied a honey coloured medicine on the wound.

” Mom , it is burning. I want to wash the medicine away. “, I complained to my mom with a hope that she would affirm with her child.

“No, honey.”, she replied “Don’t wash it away.If it is burning then it is working.”. I knew I had to comply with her and endure the intense burning sensation.

And she was right. Wound really healed faster than I expected.

What I find out my later in life, that it was a life lesson too.

I have my own share of hardship and tough time during my 20 something life. I lost my loved ones; got involved in legal matters; fall ill; performed poorly in crucial exams and went through extreme phases of financial struggle. But every time I gave the fuckers  good fights and dragged myself out of the limbo.

That path is not full of roses and rainbows. I wasn’t a hero with supernatural power ( I am still not one) who can endure pain with ease. On the contrary, I wanted to throw the towel. I wanted to leave the battlefield.

But, that little sentence kept me going. Every time whenever it burnt, I persisted and when the dust settled down I found myself stronger , bolder.

That does not mean, I am at my peak. I still feel doubtful, get afraid sometimes even want to quit maybe. But I am not afraid of the struggle anymore.I know that my mother is right. Struggle does not feel comfortable. But when you embrace the truth and act accordingly struggle does make you strong. Like my mother said once “if it is hurting then it is certainly working”.

Press on. 🙂


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