Good to see you here!

I am Subrata, a 23 yr old writer and wannabe entrepreneur who is the behind Outliers Diary.

I usually write and tell stories about tech, self-development, and other highly rational things most of the time. And those rational stories give birth of  many, many irrational illegitimate stories  inside of my mind.

Outlier’s diary is where I set those irrational stories free. If you pay close attention, you can see what’s cooking inside my mind.

Now, why should you care?

To be honest, when I write for my business, I usually know what I am going to offer you. Here, I really don’t know. Chances are good I will not help you to solve your problems in this blog. I do that in other places, where my doors are always open for you.

So treat this blog a the personal collection of an artist. Something that he creates only for himself. You will not gain anything if you visit it, but you may return with a warm feeling , a stupid smile or a food for thought. Who knows?

So, feel free to peep into my head, see the world through my eyes and well! hit me up for a cup of coffee. 🙂 🙂



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